High Quality Fully Forged Craftsmanship
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As any chef knows, a great knife begins with a great blade - and all blades are not created equal.
 Unlike many knives manufactured today,
Mundial knives are fully forged in a manufacturing process that combines
 innovative technology with Old World tradition to deliver the very best value in gourmet cutlery.
Many of the knives found in stores today are made from stamped sheets of metal then sharpened.
 This process results in a weaker, more brittle knife that will not hold a sharp edge or stand up to years of use.

The way to make a truly great knife is through a time-consuming and handcrafted method of forging.
 In this method, steel is heated to an extremely high temperature,
 set into a die and hammered into the shape of the basic blade.
Following a process of heating and cooling, the forged blade is ground to create a full taper to the cutting edge.
 The result is a stronger, thicker, more resilient blade
Greater Strength
The forging process increases the tensile strength of the knife blade.
 This ensures that the knife will remain both true and resilient even under extreme pressure.

Increased Durability
A fully forged knife is more capable of withstanding the rigors of use, year-in and year-out.

Lasting Sharpness
Because a fully forged blade is stronger - even at its thinnest edge -
 it retains its sharpness longer and responds to repeated sharpenings better than other blades.

Single-piece Construction- No Points of Weakness

Unlike lower quality knives that consist of several pieces welded together, fully forged knives are made
of a single, thick steel blade that is integrated into the handle

Better Balance- Higher Safety
A fully forged knife is a well balanced knife.
When the proper balance is achieved between a blade and its handle, the knife is easier to manipulate and control.

Extraordinary Value- Surprisingly Affordable
Mundial is one of the few completely self-sufficient cutlery manufacturers in the world.
 They directly control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

Strength, Durability, Beauty, Comfort, and Value
Designed — And independently verified — to be among the best in the world

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