The Master Chef's of Le Cordon Bleu, one of the World's Most Prestigious Cooking Schools
& the Design Artisans of Mundial have collaborated to develop
some of the finest cutlery ever offered to the Home Gourmet Cook

Fully Forged & featuring the signature Blue,
ergonomically-designed Handle for greater safety, comfort & precision
LeCordon Bleu knives help every Chef -
from the restaurant Professional to the home novice to preform there very best.

I purchased only a few dozen knives on the Manufactures Liquidation Back a few Years ago...
Personally, I'm Impressed with the Look & Quality - Awesome for Collectors too!
Each blade has the ensignia of the LeCordon Bleu Symbol of Excellence embossed on the blade.
I put them away till now & here is a look...          

SIZE Refers to the BLADE length only,
the handle is another 4-5"

Please touch picture to get a complete detailed picture, description & price

Item # 3110-10  - 10" Chefs Knife

Item # 3111-10  - 10" Carving Knife

Item # 3110-10  - 6" Utility Knife

Item # 3140-6  - 6" Light Cleaver

Item # 3110-3 1/2  - 3 1/2" Paring Knife

Item # 3112-6 1/2  - 6 1/2" Flexible Filet Knife

One the best Quality Stainless Steel Blades made, & almost exactly identical to the best J.A. Henckle Pro Series
in look & feel, except in blue. Extremely Sharp & stays that way for a good lengthy time.
Top of the line precision instrument for the serious chef in all of us...

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