Weapons ~ all at least $100, some as much as $350 & I just have a few of each
Most are handmade in Afganistan from RussianT-7 Tank Steel,
His experience was over 50 years Blacksmithing
& the balance makes that obvious... just pick one up you'll see
True Battle Quality, & have Leather Scabbards not plaques

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Anduril (shown)$179 & Narsil $189 (no runes) (Sharp)

Glamdring (Sharp) $179

Hadhafang (Sharp) $179

Sting I have has Scabbard included $130

Stings Blade (Sharp)

Legolis Knives Set of 2 (Sharp) Sorry no scabbard $150 includes a plaque

Ranger Aragorn Strider/straps on scabbard $195 - nice

Elven Front Line Soldier $189

Herugrim Sword of  King Theoden of Rohan   $175 (Sharp)

Eomer  $175 (Sharp)

Eowin $175 (Sharp)

Uruk-Hai Hand Pounded Sharp as hell  $159

                 Sauraman's Staff  $99     Gimili's Axe (Sharp) $150   Flails (1, 2, 3 in Round or oval)  Flanged-Mace $149

Black Prince From Spain -Top Quality for Battle $350

Hand and a Half = 1 handed or 2 for extra power (Sharp) Carbon Steel Battle Quality $350  (Silver or Brass)

Blade (Sharp) $119

The Simitar (Sharp) $149

Viking Sword of the Norse  $159

Excallibur (Sharp) $179 awesome favorite in a few lengths

Hellfire (Sharp) $179

Tigris of Gaul (Sharp) $159 nice  ~ I have a few origionals too

Zorro Sword Always a winner $159

William Wallace (Braveheart) $199

            The Spaniard is sweet at $149                   Ronan Double Bladed Sword (Warf- Starwars) $99

I actually have all types of swords from lots of sources, so if you are looking for specific, ask

Proto & Sting

Gimli & Battle Axe

Arwin & Hadhafang

Ranger & Strider

King Aragorn & His Sword on Plaque

King Herugrim & Sword

Eowyn & her Sword

Gandalf & Glamdring

Legolis Knives on Plaque

Hand & 1/2 Closeup view of extraordinary good quality